What NOT to Do in Terms of Customer Service

We have obtained some accounts over the years from our mystery shoppers that are quite something.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites scenarios below, showing you what should NOT be done in terms of customer service!

The ‘Feather Duster’ One

“As I entered the store 2 members of staff were cleaning and chatting. I was not acknowledged. One staff member then proceeded to chase the other around the store with the feather duster he was using.”

The ‘Better Things to Talk About’ One

“I browsed the department for over 12 minutes as 2 staff members chatted at the cash the X factor TV show. I was not approached or offered any assistance.”

The ‘Stock-Focused’ One

“I said I was looking for a gift for my sister and asked what the assistant would suggest. She indicated where the gift area was and said everything was out. She asked no further questions before returning to the stock she had been working on.”

The ‘Good Intentions’ One

“I said I was looking for a birthday present for my nephew who would be two years old. The assistant nodded and led me to the board games which said they were suitable for 8 years plus!”

The ‘Hungry’ One

“I asked if the brownie contained nuts as I had an allergy. The assistant opened the packet, took a bite and confirmed that it did not contain nuts! She then put the brownie onto the plate and passed it back to me.”

The ‘Literal’ One

When I asked the assistant why there was a difference in price between the 3 kettles he said there wasn’t much difference between them and that they probably all came out of the same factory anyway.”

The ‘Took It to Heart’ One

I said that the cover for the Barbeque was a bit more than I wanted to pay. The assistant explained that it would be cheaper to buy the cover from Argos rather than the ones they had in stock.”

The ‘Forgot to Close the Sale’ One

“I was disappointed that after telling me in detail about the sofa the assistant explained that she would have to leave as it was time for her break.”

The ‘Also Hungry’ One

“The assistant answered my questions abruptly and did not smile. She was eating McDonald’s fries as I waited for my drink to be prepared.”

The ‘Should Have Bit Her Tongue’ One

“Based on this experience, I would not return. I was disappointed with the assistant’s attitude. When I came out of the changing room she commented that the style of trousers did not suit me and made my legs look chunky.”

The above experiences all failed to act in the appropriate way which would be considered as good customer service.

They failed to acknowledge, approach, ask questions/identify needs, present and identify products, explain product knowledge, upsell, handle objections, close the sale, present the correct mannerisms, and encourage a return to the store.

Mystery shoppers can reveal areas that may need improvement in your customer service team.