Is upselling good customer service?

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We have all been victims of it. You are in a cafe or a restaurant, you have chosen and ordered a yummy meal and you are excited to finally eat your lunch. As you are about to pay, the nice lady at the counter asks “Would you like dessert for only £1 more?” All of us has experienced upselling in one way or another. On one hand, the extra pound spent for an additional item is a great deal. But on the other side, the cafe has led you to spend more money for something you didn’t really want.

According to research conducted by the Royal Society of Public Health and Slimming World, upselling also leads to health dangers. While it might be easy to see the sole monetary value of the deal, it is also important to see this in terms of calorie intake. While it is true you are spending extra pounds, you are also eating extra calories. According to research, upselling alone leads to 17,000 extra calories per person per year. This data is particularly concerning, as obesity is slowly but surely becoming a big danger for many people in the UK and worldwide.

Emotionally, for a lot of people struggling with their weight, those extra calories can be seen in a very damaging way. Many customers are filled with guilt and regret after they fall for an upsell. Which may lead them to have a potentially bad connection with the business that led them to have negative emotions.  

Great customer service and the ability to upsell products do not always go hand in hand. Upselling, in fact, can generally be considered an annoyance by some people.

To understand this further, we asked a number of people how they felt on the matter. We had over 1076 responses and our the findings were:

It annoys me – 45%

I don’t mind – 55%

While the majority of those who participated in the poll don’t mind upselling, the results are pretty tight. The general consensus is that upselling is seen as a somewhat controversial topic, which leads to general divide. When a percentage as high as 45% is annoyed by a sales strategy, they are generally associating it with bad customer service, which is likely to hurt the brand as a result.

While we doubt upselling is going to stop anytime soon, we hope businesses will start being more responsible and caring when it comes to their sales strategy. If you are unsure about the quality of customer service your clients are receiving, why not use a mystery shopping company, such as Retail Maxim? We can help you understand problems and future areas of improvement. Contact us for more information.