Top 5 advantages of being a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is a very rewarding job for some, and it can really work with those in need for a flexible yet reliable career. We are going to discuss the advantages of being a mystery shopper and what character traits you may need to be a successful one. You never know, you may be the perfect fit.

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Paid to shop

The main appeal to becoming a mystery shopper is the opportunity to get paid whilst shopping. If shopping is something you enjoy, or have to regularly do, why not get paid doing it? The amount you get paid will purely be down to the amount of hours you put into it, which is similar to any other job. So if you just need some extra cash or you are looking for career potential, mystery shopping may be for you.

Being your own boss

You are the best boss you could ever have. When you are working as a mystery shopper you will be self employed. This will mean timetabling and financial upkeep will be entirely up to you. There will be added responsibilities as a mystery shopper, however if you think you have a self motivated attitude towards work and will be able to organise your time efficiently, you may be a great boss and a great mystery shopper.


There certainly isn’t any repetition when it comes to mystery shopping, and the job role doesn’t just apply to retail either. You will be able to select the assignments you wish to take and only work with what appeals to you. Yes, there may be some guidelines with assignments, but the experiences will differ and provide a huge variety of working environments.

Flexible work schedule

If you have a busy lifestyle, or you simply wish to work hours that differ to the standard 9-5, mystery shopping will be a great option. Mystery shopping tends to attract part-time workers, college students or retirees as it greatly appeals to a worker with free time as opposed to working scheduled hours. You can pick up assignments whenever you wish, and you are never pressured to apply for more hours if they don’t work for you.  

Getting free stuff

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? As a mystery shopper, you will be attending retail shops, restaurants, movies, coffee shops and much more. At these places of business you will be required to purchase specific items, though you will need to purchase these up front, they will be reimbursed by your employer. This means the potential for free items, merchandise and entertainment is virtually endless.

Mystery shopping certainly isn’t for everyone, but it absolutely is a great position for those with a great attention to detail and with a self motivating personality. If you are looking for a part time job or to pick up some extra cash, maybe consider becoming a mystery shopper.

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