21 Tips for Excellent Retail Customer Service

There are many challenges that come along when working in retail.

Often, it’s the distraction of these challenges that means employees lose focus on providing the best customer service they can to shoppers.

Retail Maxim, a mystery shopping company specialising in retail, has put together a list of simple tips below that can improve your retail customer service!

  1. Smile when greeting customers in person and when on the phone (it’s possible that they can tell whether you’re smiling or not.)
  2. Use age-appropriate greetings – following the tone of your company.
  3. Stay proactive and ask if they would require any help.
  4. Stay visible and available for customers but do not hover.
  5. Don’t walk or turn away when you see a customer approaching.
  6. It is important to note that the customer standing in front of you takes precedence over someone who calls on the phone.
  7. Give your attention to each customer, regardless of their age or appearance.
  8. Always leave your food and beverages in the break room.
  9. Avoid talking to other employees too much while customers are present, or when the store is busy.
  10. Make sure that you’re making your personal calls while you are on you break and not on the shop floor.
  11. Refrain from answering questions with just ‘I don’t know’; add ‘but I can find out fro you.’
  12. If a customer wants something that is not on display, go to the stock room and try to find it.
  13. If you cannot find the item in the stock room, offer to call another store or order it for them.
  14. Learn to decipher body language in order to see if customers need help.
  15. Keep chatter brief with customers if there are others waiting.
  16. Remember to call for backup support if lines are forming.
  17. If a customers’ credit/debit card is declined, be discreet about asking whether there is another form of payment they can offer.
  18. Don’t discuss customers when other customers are in earshot.
  19. Inspect the merchandise before bagging it to make sure there is no damage and the item is the correct size.
  20. Ensure your customer is leaving with everything they paid for before leaving the store.
  21. Just as warm welcomes were given, send the customers off with a smile.

A lot of the above may seem simple enough but you’ll be surprised how many employees miss a few steps. This could be the difference between an unhappy customer or a returning one.