Pros of Becoming a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers provide customer service feedback to a business while posing as customers.

A mystery shopper may be asked to visit a hotel, banks, restaurants, cinemas, shops, and other businesses to pose as a regular customer while they are taking mental notes on the location’s cleanliness, staff courtesy, and any other issues that concern the business owner.

The field is a popular choice for earning some income because of its flexible working hours.

Payment and rewards

After completing each assignment shoppers will be paid a certain amount of money. Mystery shoppers also get to keep their items or services they purchased after the conclusion of the assignment and most companies will reimburse any transportation fees.


The flexibility of this role is a major pro in many people’s books. They can work from home on their own schedule and mostly when is suitable for them. Because companies in nearly every facet of retail, hospitality and services industry are employing mystery shoppers so the assignments always offer variety.


An obvious pro in becoming a mystery shopping is the ability to actually shop, which to every shopaholic is a reward in itself. There is also the choice of opting out of an assignment if you do not want to shop there.

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