How do online stores affect retailers in the UK?

It’s hard to ignore the impact that online shopping is having on retail and our shopping experiences, but is it necessarily for the better? A common retailing technique that is overlooked is matching the level of service provided in store with a fully equipped website. With this in mind, we put out a poll to find out how a retailers’ online presence affects a customer’s perception and potential sales. Continue reading “How do online stores affect retailers in the UK?”

Should we be worried about Department Stores?

There have been many reports in the news lately about the High Street and how various retailers, such as House of Fraser, Poundworld, Toys R Us and Maplin (to name a few), are suffering from high street woes. But how has this news affected consumers?

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Do retailer loyalty schemes actually work?

Loyalty schemes are fast becoming part of many retailers strategies to encourage both new and loyal customers to use their services. What every business has in common is the desire to drive repeat sales and business, whether this is in the form of membership cards, loyalty schemes or reward plans. It is apparent that now more than ever, consumers have an increasing number of shops to choose from; this means that the retailers themselves must remain competitive and differentiate from the competition. Continue reading “Do retailer loyalty schemes actually work?”

Amazon Go: is it the future?

The multi-billion dollar online retailer Amazon, who first launched its first shop in late 2016, promises to revolutionise the way people shop. The online retailer is certainly no stranger to changing the market and they seem to have done it again with this new concept.

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The economic direction of 2018

Christmas is over, the new year has begun, resolutions have been made (and broken) and it is now time to think about your commercial plans for 2018. As consumers we have heard it all before, we either aren’t spending enough or we’re spending more than we should. This occurs in a variety of areas, whether it be clothing, food or luxury products. Continue reading “The economic direction of 2018”

Online or instore: How do you shop?

Retailers have made it really easy to buy products online, as well as instore. However, how has this affected how consumers shop? Does it mean that shoppers are more likely to shop online? Read on to find out.

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Thoughts on Christmas Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas adverts are on the air, decorations are being put up, Christmas Markets are now filling your weekend plans and festive jingles are playing in the background in most shops. While this is the time for cosy nights in front of the fire, it is also the time for stressful Christmas shopping. As a mystery shopping company, Retail Maxim always helps retailers gain important insight on shoppers’ experiences. This is why we have asked a randomly selected panel a few questions on the subject of Christmas shopping and advertising, here are our findings: Continue reading “Thoughts on Christmas Shopping”

Interest Rates Rises and Christmas

On the 2nd of November, the Bank of England raised the base rate from 0.25% to 0.50%, in an attempt to tackle inflation following the post-Brexit economic slowdown. The term interest rate refers to the amount that is due to be charged to the borrower as interest and it comes as a percentage of the loan in question. While the rise in interest rates won’t affect savers much, it might affect small businesses, first-time homeowners and mortgage payers. Continue reading “Interest Rates Rises and Christmas”

Is upselling good customer service?

We have all been victims of it. You are in a cafe or a restaurant, you have chosen and ordered a yummy meal and you are excited to finally eat your lunch. As you are about to pay, the nice lady at the counter asks “Would you like dessert for only £1 more?” All of us has experienced upselling in one way or another. On one hand, the extra pound spent for an additional item is a great deal. But on the other side, the cafe has led you to spend more money for something you didn’t really want. Continue reading “Is upselling good customer service?”

5 Tips for Great Customer Service

Regardless of the line of business you are in, the customer service you are providing should be top priority.

Without quality customer service, not only will the marketing likely fail but also the business’ itself will be in a precarious position.

To keep those customer’s returning and have really great customer service, we’re sharing some tips below.

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