Mystery Shopping your Retail Partners

We have seen an increase in demand for our Mystery Shopping activities in the UK for brands and manufacturers of goods whose main route to consumers is by working closely with select retailer partners. This can range from manufacturers of pet foods and flooring through to prams and baby products, plus everything in between! In most cases the manufacturer / brand provides a significant amount of marketing and training support to their selected retail partners.

Our role in this scenario usually involves members of our Mystery Shopping field team visiting the host retailer’s stores, acting as a normal customer and assessing how a particular brand is being represented and promoted by staff. This level of insight can be so helpful for manufacturers and brands to develop further ways they can support their retail partners to drive sales of their products.

With so much competition amongst brands and manufacturers combined with a consolidation of retail space and a focus on service excellence, we expect the demand for Mystery Shopping in this area to continue.

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