Why are mystery shoppers still a big deal in the age of critical data?

Mystery shoppers are important to your business more than you know

Businesses can get a feel on their performance in a number of ways, yet few avenues will provide the same unique, experience that mystery shoppers can give, providing an in depth insight into how your staff perform.

Even in an era that is dominated by ‘Big Data’, physical businesses still need to gain feedback from their customer activity and mystery shoppers fill this void of need for businesses across the world. Mystery shoppers can operate undercover to give the right people a significant view of their business.

So, even though big data is still a big part of customer service, to get a real sense of the customer experience, you require the services of a mystery shopper who can tell you what needs to be changed.

Mystery shoppers are important to your business more than you know.
Mystery shoppers are important to your business more than you know.

The alternate view

Shoppers will look for different factors in different industries. For example, those who work in hospitality will be judged on their customer service that they provide to the mystery shopper and the speed in which the mystery shopper is seen to, seated and served. The mystery shopper will look for chances to get a sale out of staff, with teamwork and engagement both coming under review in this period. Little factors such as cleanliness, order accuracy, quality and temperature of food and presentation are all included in the mystery shoppers report.

Alternatively, drive-thru mystery shoppers will often focus on different factors as the experience is different to that of a sit in restaurant. For example, wait and delivery times will both be reviewed compared to casual dining, where the focus lies on team work and wait time.

In order for mystery shoppers to have as big as an effect as possible, restaurants should consider scheduling a number of visits per period, so you get a real look into how your employees operate and perform under pressure, during the busiest and most profitable parts of the day. They should also be scoping out weekday versus weekend operations, the bar service and the dining area.

A mystery shopping program can help with any marketing ideas that you may want to implement into your business. For example, mystery shoppers can ensure that a campaign is delivered on time, without any delay, and it ensures that a consistent delivery is given across the brand. They can also make sure the new menu offering is being promoted on site by staff.

The follow up process

Once the experience has been recorded and reviewed, our mystery shoppers will give us a detailed report of what kind of service they received. The restaurant will have a follow up as soon as possible.

The feedback that our mystery shoppers give us will then help us to help the brand further facilitate any necessary training or particular follow up that may be needed.

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