Mystery Shoppers Can Improve Customer Service

From a study involving a team of over 100 mystery shoppers, it has been noted that customer experiences have been improved through the help of mystery shopping.

But what is a mystery shopper?

Essentially, mystery shoppers go into a predetermined store and will talk to assistants, buy products, and them write up a report about the level of service that was received.

Retailers have commented saying this is the only way to gain real feedback and an idea of how it is to shop in one of their stores.

A mystery shopper gave three top tips for retailers to ensure that they deliver to customers in order to provide good customer service:

  • Greet the customer
  • Smile
  • Eye contact

Providing the best customer service doesn’t mean overloading customers with pleasantries. It is often the simplest that go a long way such as smiling and eye contact.

If you’re interested in being a mystery shopper, take a look at the requirements to see if you’re up for the cut!