A step-by-step guide to mapping your customer’s journey

A customer journey map is an incredible tool for understanding and improving your customers’ experience.

A good customer journey map will document your customer experience from the customer’s eyes, thus helping you understand how customers interact with you and possibly identify any areas for improvement.

However, you may have difficulty finding a standard customer journey map as there is no standard. You can, however, build it following design principles, or any other visual creations – make a work of art.

A customer journey map can also go by other names: customer experience map, journey map, touch point map etc. The map is a visual representation of how a customer uses and interacts with your products/services, similarly, it would show how prospective customers go through the shopping process.

Below, we’re sharing 5 critical components of creating a customer journey map.

Representing your customer’s perspective

Your customer journey map will need to represent the interactions as your customer experiences them. They will frequently include interactions that occur outside of your control e.g. social media or web searches. When developing educational content with a large retailer, often the shoppers knowledge of the brand is complete prior to visiting a website.


The customer journey map process may involve interviews or ethnographies – this can be combined with surveys. Some companies might go to the lengths of bringing customers in and build them interactively with internal staff.

Represent customer segments

Typically, the different segments will have different customer experiences. Depending on the segments, one may spend more time than the other researching a pre-sales project that a company has released, this could be from using various tools.

Include customer goals

It is important to include your customer’s goals at each stage of the process. Note that goals can change over time.


Emotions are vital to any experience, regardless of B2B or B2C, which is why a great customer journey map will communicate these emotions. How you do this is down to you.

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