How Mystery Shopping Can Tell You More Than a Customer Survey

Gathering effective feedback about your business can take many forms, including conducting a customer survey.

Although customer surveys are the popular choice for many businesses, mystery shopping is proving to be the more effective option, and here’s why:

They’re honest

There is a reason why people in a restaurant will answer, “Yes, everything is fine” when asked whether everything is okay with their meal – even if they’re not 100% happy. The majority of customers dislike complaining and feel uncomfortable bringing up issues as they wouldn’t want to be perceived as fussy or difficult, especially if they’re not alone. They would prefer to leave quietly and not return to a business.

You can understand how this can be an issue; it means your customers could have complaints about your business and you’ll have no way of knowing about it, and this could be costing you customers.

A solution to this problem is using a mystery shopper – their job is to be honest about the areas where your business is failing to provide customers with the best customer experience. They will tell you the truth, allowing you to take that information and using it to improve your customer approach.

They’ll tell you everything

The good, the bad, and the ugly; a mystery shopper will report back to you on all of the possible ways that you business can improve, including the areas you may have overlooked. They understand that customer satisfaction needs to be met, so they know what to look for in your business and what to report on when it comes to improving your business.

Mystery shopping is a great atctical solution for gaining a competitive advantage for your business.

They’re specific

Customer surveys often receive vague replies that cannot be built upon in any way, shape, or form. They may have encountered rude staff but not explained how the staff were rude.

Mystery shoppers will provide you with a detailed report on what went wrong so you know how to manage the situation.

The above are only a few reasons why mystery shopping is a much more accurate and effective way of gathering customer experience information. It allows you to collect valuable information about how your business can improve.