How important is Same-day Delivery for Online Consumers?

About 10 years ago, the concept of same-day delivery, where a customer makes an online purchase and goods are delivered to the customer on the same day, was almost non-existent in e-commerce. However, technology has rapidly improved making e-commerce shopping more efficient, faster and easy to use. Consequently, the way products are delivered to consumers has also improved. As a result, not only are many online retailers are offering same day delivery, many online shoppers expect it.

It’s without a doubt that whether shoppers are in-store or online, the process of obtaining products is becoming smoother. Shoppers have long had opportunities to buy in-store or online with home delivery or in-store pickup, and, ultimately, it’s all about getting products to customers in the most seamless way. As such, same-day delivery started out as a rising trend to enable a frictionless and immediate shopping experience.

This growing trend towards faster delivery options has been reinforced recently by the news that Morrisons will ramp up a home delivery partnership with Amazon, expanding their online groceries platform to new cities throughout the UK, a month after it loosened an exclusive arrangement with Ocado. The UK’s fourth-largest supermarket announced recently that its “Morrisons at Amazon” same-day grocery delivery service, which runs on Amazon’s Prime Now platform, would be rolled out to at least five more cities this year.

So it would seem that same-day delivery has been well received in retail, with shoppers valuing the seamless and immediate experience, and according to recent data, it will continue to be a growing phenomenon retailers need to evolve with.

In fact same-day delivery has been so well received that it is now standard practice in many retail sectors. Here at Retail Maxim we decided to run a quick poll to understand how important same-day delivery is to consumers. According to our panel, it would appear that they value the immediacy as 88 percent of them said that they were willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery.

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