High Street Regeneration

As we all know, the shift in retail patterns has taken a painful toll on High treet retail. However, as is well documented, it also presents a huge opportunity to rebalance the core of our towns away from retail dominance and back to a place with a rich mix of uses where
people live, play and work … plus shop. As every town and high street is different, there can be no ‘one fits all approach’ to regeneration and placemaking. Therefore, to help understand how town centres are meeting current and future requirements there has never been a more important time for Town Centre Managers, Councils, and Planning Consultants to undertake local Customer Insight. This will allow data to be put at the heart of decision making to shape strategic direction and assist in future proofing town centres.

Retail Maxim's simple Customer Exit & Intercept Surveys can help as part of a ‘blended’ approach to understanding local opinions and requirements. By speaking ‘face to face’ with the local population within a town centre, with a short and focused survey, crucial input can be gained.

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