Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Requests for customer feedback have become commonplace, from coffee shops to pet shops and insurance providers to casinos (plus everywhere in between). The reality is that we are all being asked regularly for feedback about our experiences of dealing with businesses. At Retail Maxim we don’t see that as a bad thing and believe that customer satisfaction is a crucial metric for our clients.

Knowing how customers feel about their brand, products and services helps our clients to make changes to improve customer experience, retain existing customers, and on-board new ones. After all, we can all agree that Customer loyalty is critical for company growth & profitability.  Given the importance of gaining customer satisfaction feedback and the fact that online based survey design and execution can be challenging, we have put together a few top tips below:

  • Keep the survey short: We can’t stress this one enough! There is nothing more annoying to a customer than an overly lengthy survey. The key here is to ask the right questions, not more questions!
  • Be mobile friendly: It’s really important to ensure that an online based survey can be completed on any device or platform, no matter what size screen it has.
  • Make the survey ‘On Brand’:  It’s important that the survey ‘look and feel’ fits with a company’s image. This might include logos, fonts as well as the tone and  language used etc.
  • Balance the question types: Multiple choice or rated questions are great for customer satisfaction surveys because they are quick and easy to administer and easy for respondents to understand and answer. However, having space for a respondent to provide additional comments can yield rich data that will help you identify areas of opportunity, as well as specific comments about their experience.

At Retail Maxim we offer a range of CX measurement & development services that can help our clients improve their service offering, including CSAT surveys.

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