Christmas Shopping – has the race officially started?

It only feels like yesterday since we were last singing Christmas carols and drinking mulled wine. But the holiday season is upon us once again, and it’s time to get some Christmas shopping done!

We wanted to see how many people are preparing for the festivities early, and how they plan to do their shopping this year. So in true Retail Maxim fashion, we sent out a poll to our panel to find out more!

Firstly, starting with the basics, we asked “Have you started any Christmas shopping yet?” From a sample of 708 respondents, unsurprisingly, 73% answered ‘yes’. So, it’s official the Christmas Shopping race has officially started!  However, delving a little deeper, what is interesting to note is that, of those respondents that answered ‘yes’, 59% were female. We think it goes without saying that the ladies are obviously far more organised than their male counterparts!

With the Christmas Shopping race in full swing we also wanted to find out HOW people are Christmas shopping this year.  We asked the following “Thinking about HOW you have already shopped OR intend to do your Christmas Shopping please select one category from the list below which best describes you”. The results were interesting:

  • I have or will shop BOTH instore and online EQUALLY – 39%
  • I have or will shop instore mainly – 27%
  • I have or will shop online mainly – 26%
  • Bar Humbug! I won’t be shopping at all this year – 8%

With the way in which retail is evolving, we were pleasantly surprised to see some very even responses, particularly when comparing who will be shopping ‘mainly instore’ and ‘mainly online’. This is a clear indication that people are simply buying from brands they trust in whichever method they choose. The results also show that there is no retail method currently completely dominating the market. Customers clearly feel they are able to utilise the options available to them, at will, without feeling restricted. It may, of course, also very much depend on the product in question when a customer is choosing how to shop.

Here at Retail Maxim we understand that the retail climate is changing. Retail Maxim is evolving too and can now offer Mystery Shopping for both instore as well as the online experience (plus everything in between such as ‘Click & Collect’). One thing is for sure; with so many touchpoints it’s important that customers have a great experience across all mediums and platforms. There is an old saying ‘you get what you measure’ and our services can be a way for our clients to drive an improvement in the customer experience. This is important because it is great experiences that make customers loyal, for the long term.

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