How you can improve your brand experience using mystery shopping

Ensuring that your customers are receiving a consistent experience across all channels is important for them to form a positive connection with your brand.

A great brand experience is ultimately down your customer’s satisfaction with each channel of you brand, including your website, branding, employee interaction and atmosphere but bad experience with any one of those channels has the possibility to ruin the customer’s view of your brand as a whole.

It is easier on some channels that others to control the experience the customer will have. As your website, app and marketing will be entirely under your control and are offering lots of data and feedback opportunities, you can make sure that your customers are receiving great interactions on those channels. It can be difficult, however, to keep up that same consistency in physical stores.

In your stores, communication, competing priorities, atmosphere and employee engagement can all be barriers to a positive perception of your brand.

Although, there is a way that you can ensure you are creating a consistent experience within your stores, and that is with mystery shopping.

Your stores may look good, and your employees might be engaged when they are being observed but how can you be sure that your employees are creating a great customer experience when they are not being monitored?

A well-designed customer experience program that has integrated mystery shopping into it will give you feedback on your total brand experience as your customer experiences it. Mystery shoppers will compare your stores’ appearance and merchandising to your expectations and, most importantly, monitor how your employees interact with customers.

A mystery shopper will be able to review all the aspects of the physical shopping experience and target specific concerns, which involves cleanliness, the use of brand strategies, and employee engagement. As they experience your brand as a customer, they are able to gather data which you can utilise to adjust your strategy and correct employee behaviours.

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