Are you listening?

According to The Office for National Statistics (ONS) retail sales have seen a return to growth throughout October as consumers began preparing for Christmas.

With increased volumes of consumers visiting retail stores we would suggest that it’s vitally important that attention is paid to the customer experience. Great experiences reap great rewards, with almost two-thirds of customers willing to pay a premium for them.

Like with friendships, customer relationships bloom when individuals feel understood. But when customers feel like their needs aren’t appreciated, even after multiple interactions, relationships can weaken and break down.

This is why here at Retail Maxim we support many of our clients by providing Customer Exit & Intercept Surveys. In a nutshell, this involves speaking with customers as they exit a store, utilising a short and focused set of questions to gain their opinion on a range of elements.

So for example, key benefits for retail clients include understanding questions such as:

  • Why customers didn’t purchase
  • Where else they shop for similar goods and why
  • What is their perception of the brand?
  • What is their perception of the customer service received instore
  • What are customers’ unfufilled needs?

Answers to questions such as this help allow data to be put at the heart of decision making, to shape strategic direction and to help put customer experience at the heart of a retailer’s approach.

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