Are customers using click and collect?

In a world of next day delivery and free delivery, a reliable and important service which is sometimes overlooked is click and collect. It’s a service which a number of large businesses run and structure a lot of their logistics around. But how often is it used and is it important to the consumer? As collection lockers are being installed in supermarkets and shopping centres, which see an opportunity to drive footfall, we also wanted to see if people are using these. We sent out a poll to a number of you to find out more…

Firstly, we asked 1040 the following question “Have you used a ‘click and collect’ service where you have ordered an item online but collected yourself elsewhere?”. Interestingly, 706 of you responded with yes, which is 67.88%. This means that 32.12% of our sample base have not used a click and collect system in any of their shopping experiences. This is a surprising figure, as it’s such a common form of shopping that has been established for several years now.

To those who answered yes, we wanted to explore a little deeper into how they would typically use a click and collect system, so we asked “Where did you collect from?”. This question was sent to 581 and 488 responded with the answer “from a retailer’s store”. That’s a whopping 83.99%! This clearly shows that people consider the click and collect system most convenient and beneficial when a retail store has the click and collect facility set up directly in their store network. This left the remaining 93 voters opting for collecting from a locker in shopping centres, supermarkets, or elsewhere.

With the information we have received, it’s clear that the click and collect service is used by a large number of shoppers. However, it’s also become clear that people are more likely to use the click and collect option from retailers that operate both online and instore. This may be due to some ‘face to face’ service that is available upon collection. Though supermarkets and shopping centres have understood that they can bring in more custom with their collection lockers our research suggests that there is still huge potential growth in their usage.

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