5 Tips for Great Customer Service

customer service

Regardless of the line of business you are in, the customer service you are providing should be top priority.

Without quality customer service, not only will the marketing likely fail but also the business’ itself will be in a precarious position.

To keep those customer’s returning and have really great customer service, we’re sharing some tips below.

Patience and empathy

Customer service is based on caring and exhibiting a healthy attitude. It is important to not confuse empathy with sympathy; good customer service is always empathetic but never sympathetic.

Being adaptable

Employees should be reminded that every customer is different, therefore it is important to adapt to their needs as every situation will be unique.

Most customers will expect to have their issue handled in a unique manner.

3 C’s

Communicate, be calm and be clear when talking to customers. Try to stay on topic and solve their issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. They’re not seeking friendships but rather solutions.

Know your trade

A big mistake that often happens is providing customers with the wrong information. One rule to remember is if you do not have an answer, do not create one.

In saying this, it is essential for managers to provide the employee whom customers first come into contact with with as much up-to-date information as possible.

A job is a job

Whether in tourism or a shop front, employees may be faced with situations that are out of their control. The one thing to remember is that employees have the power to turn a customer’s bad day into a good one which is where empathy comes into play.

Being empathetic towards the customer’s situation is the key to delivering good customer service and offering the correct solution.

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