What the Retail Industry can learn from the closure of Thomas Cook


According to retail statistics, out of 31 failing companies so far this year, 1184 stores have been closed either due to dissolvency or restructuring, casting doubt over the jobs of at least 35,594 employees. 


In our previous blog, we looked at how to protect stores from the ever-increasing influence of online shopping upon the retail industry. Today, we’re going to explore why one of the most recognisable brands on the high street has capitulated under the pressures of the modern economy; and how their mistakes correspond with the retail landscape.

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How to protect your High Street Store from the rise of Online Shopping

Online shopping is just one of the many wonderful developments since the turn of the millenium. No queues, stock readily available, and no need to leave the house? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, like many industries that have suffered from the advancements in technology over the past few decades, the High Street is enduring a considerable challenge from online retail, as stores close at an alarming rate across the UK.

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How important is Same-day Delivery for Online Consumers?

About 10 years ago, the concept of same-day delivery, where a customer makes an online purchase and goods are delivered to the customer on the same day, was almost non-existent in e-commerce. However, technology has rapidly improved making e-commerce shopping more efficient, faster and easy to use. Consequently, the way products are delivered to consumers has also improved. As a result, not only are many online retailers are offering same day delivery, many online shoppers expect it.

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Does the weather affect how you shop?

While there are seasonal trends in retail – bank holidays, Christmas and regular sales – the weather can also play a large part in sales and even pricing.

From hot summers to wet winters, the conditions can determine how consumers buy, what they buy, when retailers introduce new lines and when sales periods start.

It’s a fine balancing act for many retailers, with those managing to take advantage of shifts in the weather getting the best results.  Running the right promotions at the right time can lead to a considerable increase in sales and profits.

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How has the public opinion on Brexit changed?

Brexit negotiations might lurch from one crisis to another, but we can sleep soundly over the coming weeks knowing that supplies of Magnums have been protected. Unilever have announced recently that they’ve stockpiled the ice cream along with crates and crates of Lynx and Sure deodorant. That’s one bit of really good news among the gloom.  Following Brexit we might be starving, unable to get a doctor’s appointment or buy petrol but we can go to work smelling sweet! Continue reading “How has the public opinion on Brexit changed?”

Click & Collect – Saviour of the High Street?

Here at Retail Maxim we are sure that lots of you lovely people have experienced the annoyance of the little card on the doormat, saying: “Sorry we missed you.” It’s frustrating to say the least.

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Are you planning on spending more when Brexit is resolved?

On 23 June 2016, the UK popped the question that had rumbled under the surface of British politics for a generation: should the country remain within the European Union or end its 40-year membership and go it alone? 52% of voters opted for Brexit. Since that point, despite two and half years of negotiation, the situation seems to have reached a stalemate that is causing tremendous uncertainty in the UK.

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Christmas Shopping – has the race officially started?

It only feels like yesterday since we were last singing Christmas carols and drinking mulled wine. But the holiday season is upon us once again, and it’s time to get some Christmas shopping done!

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What now for in-store shopping?

We have seen a lot of discussion in the press recently over the roles of various shopping channels and the future of the entire shopping experience. It’s a fact that there seems to have been a real gear shift in terms of online shopping. The headline ‘the death of the high-street’ has been bandied about with the growth of online shopping being cited as signalling the end of shopping as we traditionally know it. Here at Retail Maxim we thought it would be interesting to understand the motivations of UK shoppers who still shop in-store, such as how frequently they are shopping and what motivates them to shop in-store. Our aim is to get a bit more perspective on the situation.

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Do we still visit shopping centres?

It’s clear to all retail professionals that online shopping is showing huge growth. The convenience, competitive pricing and speed which online shopping offers appeals to lots of us.  We have previously discussed how this affects stand alone retailers but it also begs the question of whether it affects shopping centres.

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