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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

This is Retail Maxim Ltd’s privacy policy for the website and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it.
Retail Maxim Ltd, through its operations, is trusted with the responsibility of holding and safeguarding commercially sensitive and personal information, on behalf of both client organisations and individuals who operate as Mystery Shoppers. We take this responsibility very seriously.
This policy has been created to help you understand how we use, share, store and protect your data. Due to legislation changes and evolution of technology, this policy is subject to change occasionally. Therefore, please ensure you check this policy frequently. You are never required to provide us with the types of information covered in this policy. By providing any information to us, you are doing so voluntarily and are consenting to the collection, use, retention, disclosure and transfer of your personal data, as explained in this policy.
Contact & Communication
Users contacting this website and/or its owners do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use, as detailed in the Data Protection Act 1998. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and secure form to email submission process but advise users using such form that they do so at their own risk.
Please note that as with all emails, our emails are not encrypted. Any email communication to or from us can potentially be intercepted, and email should never be considered to be completely secure.
Information on Mystery Shoppers
In order to provide the best possible service to clients, we make use of relevant personal information from shoppers. We only access this information if and where it is provided by shoppers voluntarily in order to help us to “match” them to the most suitable assignments. We treat all information that we hold about Mystery Shoppers as highly confidential and private, and never use information that is provided to us for any other purpose than to help us to allocate assignments appropriately. We don’t and won’t share this information with, or sell it to, any other party, except if, and only if, we were required to do so by law.
Information on client organisations and projects
Of course, we treat all information held about clients and client projects as highly confidential.
We restrict the number of people who have access to your confidential data to the bare minimum. Senior members of the company do of course have access to information that we hold regarding clients and client projects. The only details that are shared with mystery shoppers however are project briefs and questionnaires, and these are only shared with suitable shoppers, who have been tested for competence and suitability, have been manually approved, and who have read and agreed to our legally binding confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.


Mystery Shopping Company
Retail Maxim's care, consistency and attention to detail have produced comprehensive, objective and valuable feedback to our retail operation.

Russell & Bromley

Mystery Shopping Company
Retail Maxim's Mystery Shopping service has been the best money we've spent this year!

That's Entertainment

Since we started with Retail Maxim the service scores that we have achieved are improving across the chain wave on wave. The Retail Maxim mystery shopping programme has assisted us in improving our customer service ensuring all of our customer's receive the shopping experience they deserve.


This is a short note to thank Robert and the team for all their support with our Online Customer Satisfaction Survey. The programme we now have in place is extremely user friendly, simple to digest and very economical in terms of our budget. The rolled up monthly reporting is particularly useful in helping us to use the measure as a KPI within our business.

Vital Ingredient

The service Retail Maxim has provided us has been really effective and excellent value for money. We have benefited from your expertise in retail metrics and monitoring 'service levels' and 'experience', which have now been integrated into our company KPIs.

Realm Ltd

This is a short note to say 'thank you' for the excellent service that we receive from Retail Maxim. We have been impressed by the accuracy and quality of the Mystery Shopping reporting. The insight plays an important part in maintaining focus on what matters most - our customers.


The Retail Maxim Mystery shopping programme has been a key measure in helping us to drive our service standards as well as our ATV through improved upselling and multi-buy selling across our bakery chain. Retail Maxim clearly understood our aims and helped us to effectively launch our programme into the business so that it has been very well received.


Mystery Shopping Company