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About Mystery Shopping
About Mystery Shopping

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About Us

Founded by Donald Marshall in 1993, Retail Maxim is a Mystery Shopping Company. It was established to provide a specialist ‘Mystery Shopping’ service to retailers, offering managers and owners an insight into their overall business performance when dealing with customers and the general public. Since this time, the company has grown massively in both experience and quality, offering a package of activities including Video Mystery Shopping, Exit Surveys, Online Satisfaction Surveys, Telefone Satisfaction SurveysEmployee Engagement Surveys and more. All of our services centre on the monitoring and development of customer service for companies across the UK. We operate to help improve customer service by offering fair and simplistic solutions, not to criticise it.

Donald Marshall spent his early career in the front line of retail, gaining experience in multiple stores across the UK. Diverse Project Management followed, equipping him with a high level of understanding in service operations and the need to deliver excellent customer service. Enriched with organisational and IT skills, the company saw a huge development in the years that followed, creating an effective office-based team supported by an excellent field team of researchers and shoppers. Built on these foundations and beliefs, Retail Maxim Limited is now recognised as one of the leading Mystery Shopping Companies in the UK.


About Mystery Shopping
Retail Maxim's care, consistency and attention to detail have produced comprehensive, objective and valuable feedback to our retail operation.

Russell & Bromley

About Mystery Shopping
Retail Maxim's Mystery Shopping service has been the best money we've spent this year!

That's Entertainment

Since we started with Retail Maxim the service scores that we have achieved are improving across the chain wave on wave. The Retail Maxim mystery shopping programme has assisted us in improving our customer service ensuring all of our customer's receive the shopping experience they deserve.


This is a short note to thank Robert and the team for all their support with our Online Customer Satisfaction Survey. The programme we now have in place is extremely user friendly, simple to digest and very economical in terms of our budget. The rolled up monthly reporting is particularly useful in helping us to use the measure as a KPI within our business.

Vital Ingredient

The service Retail Maxim has provided us has been really effective and excellent value for money. We have benefited from your expertise in retail metrics and monitoring 'service levels' and 'experience', which have now been integrated into our company KPIs.

Realm Ltd

This is a short note to say 'thank you' for the excellent service that we receive from Retail Maxim. We have been impressed by the accuracy and quality of the Mystery Shopping reporting. The insight plays an important part in maintaining focus on what matters most - our customers.


The Retail Maxim Mystery shopping programme has been a key measure in helping us to drive our service standards as well as our ATV through improved upselling and multi-buy selling across our bakery chain. Retail Maxim clearly understood our aims and helped us to effectively launch our programme into the business so that it has been very well received.


About Mystery Shopping