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Mystery Shopping

The data we collect and analyse from our mystery shopping creates an insight into how the company is perceived by customers – providing answers to big questions you may have regarding your business. Reports better your understanding of the company whilst picking up on the issues that really matter; those that are vital in delivering and maintaining customer satisfaction. Using the data helps to maintain sales, monitor company performance, drive customer loyalty and ultimately increase profits.

Mystery shoppers collect information on a vast range of customer service questions that relate to their shopping experience when visiting an outlet. Data is processed and the resulting information is presented in an actionable and professional manner.

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Retail Maxim's care, consistency and attention to detail have produced comprehensive, objective and valuable feedback to our retail operation.

Russell & Bromley

Retail Maxim's Mystery Shopping service has been the best money we've spent this year!

That's Entertainment

The Online Customer Survey that Retail Maxim developed allowed us to listen to the opinions of our customers, make improvements based on what matters most to them, and motivate our staff to continue to provide them with an excellent instore experience

Tom Gibson